Bravo 20-2


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The new Bravo 20 blower with three power options!

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Bravo 20-2

  • New Bravo 20 top class blower.
  • 3 possible power sources:

-12V car battery

-230V mains adapter

-built-in battery/accumulator!  

  • Connection in the car via terminals directly to the 12V car battery or via the car cigarette lighter.  
  • Battery recharging - via car lighter or 230V mains.
  • Parameters:

- Wide pressure range, adjustable shut-off

- LED indicators to show the current status.

- Integrated 12V DC rechargeable battery

- Rubber base for maximum stability

- Protective filter system

- reducers for all common valves

- Transport and storage bag

Power 125 l/min
Max. Pressure 1.5 bar (22.0 psi)
Mode inflating and deflating
Source  12V (battery and car igniter),  230V mains,  battery
Dimensions 220x320x220 mm
Weight 3,5 KG
Construction ABS+ PA


Caution - before not using the blower for more than 30 days, the battery must be fully charged to avoid complete discharge and subsequent damage


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