CE4Y FLOATINGBAG - water anchor



Water anchor for canyoning

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Colour: Orange
Producer: CE4Y
kategorie: Canyoning
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CE4Y FLOATINGBAG - water anchor

  • FLOATINGBAG - water anchor
  • The very light and small collapsible bag is used to overcome obstacles in strong currents and backflows. Either as a floating anchor for a cable car or as a floating anchor to pull yourself out of the water. The Floatingbag is ideally filled with 1 litre of water so that it can be cast very far, even across large bays greater than 20 metres.
  • It has the following advantages: you don't have to use a backpack with all the equipment as a floating anchor. It can be thrown very far, more than a backpack. It fills up like a parachute in the current and creates a very strong pulling force. It is very light and small, yet extremely durable due to the double bottom and double edge. It floats well thanks to the buoyant bodies and is very visible thanks to the brightly coloured design.


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