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EG Blan cold weather paddle bags.

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Colour: černá
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EG Blanc

EG BLAN Cold Weather Paddle Bags


EG BLAN introduces innovative paddle bags that are ideal for kayakers and paddlers who want to get out on the water even in cold weather. These paddle bags are made from 5mm SBR neoprene, providing great insulation and thermal comfort during your water adventures.

Main features:

  • Material: 5mm SBR neoprene - provides excellent insulation and resistance to low temperatures.
  • Flat seams - prevent abrasion and increase the overall durability of the bags.
  • Reversible inner baffle - effectively prevents water from flowing into the bag, ensuring dry and warm hands.
  • Easy to put on the second bag - the stringing strap and teeth make it easy to put on the second bag, which reduces the time to prepare the water.

EG BLAN paddle bags are a great choice for anyone looking for quality and warm protective accessories for their cold weather water activities. With superior materials and thoughtful construction, you can enjoy your water adventures with maximum comfort and thermal protection.


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