EG Baby Plus


Tested children's life jacket for non-swimmers and swimmers, with a child's motif! Made in the Czech Republic.


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Producer: Elements gear
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EG Baby Plus

  • Certified Elements gear Baby vest for non-swimmers with 100N efficiency.
  • The life jacket for the smallest paddlers guarantees safety in every situation.
  • This children's life jacket has been developed specifically for non-swimmers.
  • Multiple load-bearing fillings in the front of the vest guarantee, when used correctly, turning the child onto his back.
  • The collar keeps the child's head above water at all times.
  • The safety straps, including the strap between the legs, guarantee a perfect fit on the child's body.
  • High quality and durable surface material.
  • Safety whistle, leg strap, safety collar.
  • Compared to the Baby model, the Baby Plus model is printed on the front with a child's motif, for greater attractiveness to small beginner paddlers :-)


S (up to 20kg);

M (20-30 kg)

L (30-40 kg)

Life jacket certified in the Czech Republic according to EN ISO 12 402-4: Personal flotation devices - Life jackets
High mechanical resistance of the outer and inner material, guaranteeing a long life of the vest
High UV stabilisation
Duraflex® clips
Certified SOLAS reflective tape complying with IMO Res. A.658(16)
Certified safety whistle complying with the regulation
SOLAS and EN394/ISO 12402-8 requirements
Wide range of colours and the possibility of combining them in the outer material, straps and hem to make the vest sufficiently
attractive for the smallest paddlers
Possibility of your own logo (from 50pcs)


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