Gumotex Thaya SET - 2

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Gumotex Thaya revolutionary kayak in a special set. Included in the price: kayak Gumotex Thaya + 2x TNP 2.part + 2x vest EG Canoe + pump Bravo 4L with pressure gauge + cover for mobile EG + cover for boat + gluing kit!!!

Advantages of buying boat Gumotex from the largest official distributor of Gumotex boats for the Czech Republic and Slovakia:

  •  - if you find a better price elsewhere, we'll match it immediately and you'll get an extra EG Discovery paddling bag worth 1 971 CZK and now a voucher for 1 000 CZK on your next purchase!
  • Warranty 3 years on the boat,free shipping, delivery immediately, after-sales service.
  • Discounts of 3 - 8% when buying in store.
  • For every Gumotex boat you get free thermal t-shirt;
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Gumotex Thaya SET - 2

The revolutionary THAYA inflatable kayak, using a combination of unique NITRILON® material and Dropstitch* technology, is characterized by excellent stability, stiffness and maneuverability. The unique combination of inflatable rollers and modern Dropstich* technology, forms a versatile combination that maximizes user comfort and improves the boat's handling characteristics. Other distinctive features of the THAYA kayak are its light weight and excellent collapsibility. It is suitable for recreation on lakes and rivers up to WW2. An additional front deck (optional accessory) protects against water over the tip and thus increases user comfort when paddling, e.g. at sea. It can be used in versions for 1, 2 adults or 2 adults + 1 child. 

*Dropstitch technology is based on the connection of the top and bottom layers of the fabric with thousands of polyester fibres. This fabric, with an air-tight coating, is protected on both sides with a durable NITRILON® material. Thanks to the thousands of fibers holding the two layers together, these products can be inflated to very high pressure, giving them a strength approaching that of solid materials, and with the same collapsibility as our existing boats.

Kayak Thaya comes with two seats. A third seat and an additional front deck can be purchased separately as accessories.

Technical data:

Length (cm) 410
Width (cm) 89
Weight (kg) 17,5
Max. load capacity (kg) 230
Material NITRILON®
Paddle type Kayaking
Max. number of persons 2 adults + 1 child
Number of air chambers 3+2 / 4 / 6+2
Dimensions when packed (cm) 63 x 40 x 26
Max. operating pressure (Mpa / Bar / PSI) 0,02/0,2/3,0 ; 0,05/0,5/7,2
Carton dimensions 70 × 47,5 × 32

Ship's equipment:

  • Sliding front and rear footrest (for conversion to single-seat version)
  • Comfortable inflatable seat made of drop-stitch material
  • Handle on the bow and stern for easy handling
  • Safety ropes on bow and stern
  • Grip for directional fin
  • Directional fin
  • Push-push valves
  • Pressure relief valve in the bottom of the boat
  • Adhesive kit
  • Waterproof transport bag 80l

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* Most boats and equipment in Czech Republic in stock (online availability at the shop).
* Extended 3 year warranty on selected products.
* Bonus program and gifts with every purchase.
* In case of a claim, a replacement vessel can be rented free of charge.
* Discounts when buying Gumotex boats in store (3-8%).
* Individual calculations for schools, clubs and organizations.
* Possibility to test boats and equipment on the river directly at the shop.
* Best price guarantee and fast delivery.
* Customized sets - choose the complete equipment according to your wishes at the best price!
* Discounted prices for after-sales service with up to 50% discount.
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* Now special on Gumotex boats Coolmax boating thermo-shirts!

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Gumotex is one of the most important manufacturers of inflatable boats in the world. The company was founded in 1949 in the Czech Republic as a small tyre manufacturer, but later focused on the production ofinflatable boats. Since then Gumotex has become one of the leaders in the industry and manufactures not only for recreational use but also for professional use.

The history of Gumotex dates back to the post-war period, when the company was engaged in the production of tyres and hoses for industry. In 1952, however, the company began to specialize in the production of inflatable boats. In the early years of production the boats were made of rubber, but over time the technology improved and Gumotex began to produceinflatable boats made of PVC materials. These boats were more durable, lighter and easier to maintain.

Nowadays, they produceGumotexa wide range ofinflatable boats for various purposes. The range includes, for examplekayaks, canoes, rafts, inflatable boats for fishing, but also luxury inflatable boats for sea cruises. All boats are manufactured with an emphasis on quality and durability to withstand the most demanding conditions.

The technology and materials used to manufacture inflatable boats are a key factor in the final quality of the product. Gumotex uses modern technologies such as thermo-welding, which ensures strong joints without the use of glue. This means that boats are less prone to breakage, abrasion and moisture, which increases their durability and resistance.

Gumotex uses NITRILON® material for the production of boatswhich is the result of the company's own research and development. NITRILON® is a composite material consisting of three layers - two layers of knitted polyester and one layer of special reinforced neoprene material with a protective PVC layer.

This material is extremely durable and strongand is therefore often used to make professional inflatable boats for extreme conditions such as wild rivers or seashores. NITRILON® is also UV, abrasion and impact resistant.


Gumotex is a leading manufacturer of inflatable boats and offers a wide range of models for different types of water sports. Below you will find

Seawave- boat length 465 cm: Kayak for multi-day paddling expeditions on the sea or large lakes.

Thaya - 410 cm: Kayak for one with high speed and stability, suitable for long trips and races.

Baraka - length of the boat 525 cm: Inflatable multi-person boat with high capacity and durability, ideal for long trips on the lake or at sea.

Coloradoboat length 450 - 450 cm: two-person canoe with high stability and capacity, ideal for recreational paddlers and hikers.

Swing 1 - boat length 290 cm: Kayak for one with high stability and easy handling, suitable for calm waters and moderate rivers.

Palava -410 cm long: kayak for two with high speed and stability, ideal for long trips and races.

Swing 2 - boat length 400 cm: Kayak for two with high stability and comfort, suitable for recreational boating and hiking.

Ontario 450 S  - length of the boat 450 cm: Inflatable boat for three persons with high capacity and durability, suitable for fishing and hiking.

Pulsar 380 -raft length 380 cm: Raft for one with high speed and agility, ideal for competitions and adrenaline experiences.

Pulsar 420 - raft length 420 cm: Raft for two with high speed and stability, suitable for recreational paddlers and tourists.

Pulsar 450 - raft length 450 cm: Raft for two with high speed and stability, ideal for paddling races and long trips.

Pulsar 560 - raft length 560 cm: Raft for three to four persons with high capacity and speed, suitable for paddling expeditions.

Scout standard - boat length 380 cm: Kayak for more demanding conditions, suitable for wild rivers and water surges.

Solar - 410 cm: Kayak for recreational paddlers with high stability and comfort.

Halibut- boat length 290 cm: Inflatable fishing boat with high capacity and durability.

Framura- boat length 385 cm: Kayak for two with inflatable construction and high stability, ideal for calm waters and rivers.

K2 - boat length 470 cm: Canoe for two with high capacity and stability, suitable for long paddling trips.

Safari - boat length 330 cm: Inflatable boat for two, suitable for fishing and recreational boating on lakes.

Ruby XL - boat length 485 cm: Inflatable boat for up to five people with high capacity and durability, ideal for family trips on the lake.

Rush 1 - boat length 400 cm: Kayak for one with high speed and stability, suitable for sport paddlers and racers.

Rush 2 - boat length 420 cm: Kayak for two with high speed and stability, ideal for paddling races and long trips.

Twist 1 - boat length 270 cm: Kayak for one with high maneuverability and easy handling, ideal for lakes and gentle rivers.

Twist 2/1 - boat length 410 cm: Kayak for two with high stability, suitable for recreational boating on the lake and river.

Alfonso - boat length 340 cm: Inflatable boat for two persons with high capacity and durability, ideal for recreational boating and fishing.

All Gumotex boats are manufactured using modern technology and materials to meet the demanding requirements of paddlers. Gumotex offers a wide range of water sports products, frominflatable boats for family trips to kayaks for adrenaline-filled experiences. These products are manufactured using high quality materials, including NITRILON® composite material, which ensures high durability and long life. Thanks to their innovative design, they arerubberotex boats easily portable, storable and easy to handlemaking Gumotex boats the ideal choice for paddlers travelling around the world. In addition, allboats are carefully designed and tested to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Choosing the right boat for your needs is a key step to a successful boating experience. If you are looking forboat for recreational cruising on calm water, the Swing 1 or Twist 1 may be the ideal choice, that offer easy handling and stability. For more experienced paddlers and paddling racesare availablemodels like Thaya, Pulsar or Rushthat offer high speed and agility.For family tripson the lake or at sea can be an ideal choiceColorado 450 or Ruby XL, that offer plenty of space for the whole family. If you are looking forinflatable boat for fishing, can beHalibut, Ruby XL, or Alfonso the right choice.

All boats from Gumotex offer high quality, durability and easy handling. If you are looking for a boat that will meet your requirements and provide you with a safe and fun experience on the water, you can rely on products from Gumotex.


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