HIKO Baby V.2


Innovated Hiko Baby V.2 children's life jacket


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HIKO Baby V.2

  • The body of the vest is made of 600D Dupratex polyester. It is stronger and more durable than the previously used 200D Oxford Nylon. Feel free to let your child slide on the rocks, the vest doesn't mind!
  • The high load-bearing PE foam is wrinkle-resistant and the vest retains its displacement for many years.
  • The foam is carefully and purposefully unevenly distributed between the front panels and the floating collar so that the vest optimizes its ability to turn the child head up away from the water in case of trouble.
  • A continuous piece of high-strength webbing runs the entire circumference from the front of the lifejacket, between the legs and up to the collar, where it is firmly attached to form a handle. This allows you to quickly grab your child, guide them through critical areas or even lift them by the handle and pull them out of the water.
  • The fluorescent orange fabric with perfect visibility combined with reflective elements makes it easy to spot your child in low visibility conditions, this is very useful when sailing on the ocean or paddling in twilight or in the dark.
  • If your child doesn't scream loud enough, teach them to use the built-in whistle. It's the first thing that catches your child's attention on the vest.
  • ISO 12402-4 certificate.
  • It comes in three sizes.


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