IR Sack of DaSpare Breakdown paddlebag



IR Sack of DaSpare Breakdown Paddlebag

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Colour: modrá
Producer: Immersion Research
kategorie: Boat accessories
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IR Sack of DaSpare Breakdown paddlebag

Don't lose hope. Or your paddle - that's what the IR Sack of DaSpare Breakdown paddlebag is for.

The Sack of DaSpare is a durable mesh bag, specially designed to carry a 4-piece paddle. With individual sleeves for separate sections of the blade and blades, the Sack of DaSpare protects your spare paddle so you can get through the tough situations after an involuntary swim.

Made in Hood River
Separate sleeves for each blade and blade piece protect your 4-piece paddle from wear and tear when stored in your boat
Roll Top with plastic buckles to close the bag and attach it to your boat

Technical specifications
Dimensions - 27" x 16" x 16"
Made of 10oz polyester mesh coated with vinyl
Fits *MOST* 4-piece paddles up to 210 cm


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