Lettmann Nitro WW

204 R45

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New paddle for WW and slalom Lettmann Nitro WW.


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Angle of rotation: R45 °
Producer: Lettmann
kategorie: Paddles and oars
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Lettmann Nitro WW

  • Those who know the Lettmann paddle philosophy know: a paddle without an ergonomic shaft is a waste of energy. The reason for this is the unique pressure point, which is located in front of your hands thanks to the ergo-blade. The result is not only excellent acceleration, but also a smooth and powerful paddle movement.

  • Now, many years after the introduction of the ergonomic Lettmann mast, the manufacturer wants to please those who do not adhere to it.

  • That's why a paddle with a straight blade was developed that really comes close to the advantages of the Lettmann Ergo models.

  • On the Nitro, the blades are pushed further forward to achieve a more efficient grip.

  • It also improves pressure build-up, moves the pressure point forward during the stroke, and reduces the typical oscillation of a straight-bladed paddle to a minimum.

  • Nitro makes maximum use of hydrodynamic water pressure to stabilize the blades in the water and help improve pressure build-up, making the bite more even and efficient.

  • Sheet size: large

  • Material: LCS 70 

  • Sheet length and width (mm): 470/203

  • Core diameter (mm): 32x29

  • Weight (g): 930


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