Life jackethelps protect your dog during water sports, jumping into the water, or falling overboard. These vests have a catch handle on the back for easier catching and lifting your dog into the boat, and a color design and reflective stripes for better visibility.


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Colour: Orange
Producer: NRS
kategorie: Safety & rescue
Product code: 6,03403E+11
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NRS CFD Dog is a reflective life jacket for dogswhich was designed by NRS, the lifejacket specialist. This vest is ideal for protecting your four-legged friend while sailing, water games, boat trips or other water activities. The vest is quick and easy to adjust, and its anatomical shape provides comfort for your dog while wearing it.

NRS CFD Dog Life Jacket je made of reinforced ripstop nylon constructionwhich prevents the dog from getting stuck with its nose in and its tail out. The vest consists of seven parts that tightly hug the dog's body to ensure a secure fit.The straps of the vest can be easily adjusted yes,to suit every dog, and additional foam under the neck and abdomen increases buoyancy in more demanding conditions.

The vest is equipped with a handle on the upper sidewhich makes it easier to lift your dog back onto a stand-up paddleboard (SUP), kayak or boat. The vest can also be used on land when walking, thanks to the presence of a practical D-ring.

Signalling colour and reflective elements of the vest ensure quick finding of the dog even in potentially inclement weather. This ensures better visibility of the dog and increased safety.

NRS CFD Dog Life Jacket is available in the following sizes:

  1. XS: up to 5 kg, chest circumference 35-53 cm, weight 1,2 kg
  2. S: 6-11 kg, chest circumference 51-66 cm, weight capacity 1.5 kg
  3. M: 11-27 kg, chest circumference 64-79 cm, carrying capacity 2.2 kg
  4. L: 27-36 kg, chest circumference 76-91 cm, lift 2.9 kg
  5. XL: over 36 kg, chest circumference 89-104 cm, weight 3,6 kg.

Thisswimming vest for dogs combines a simple and efficient design with high quality and functionality to give your best friend extra enthusiasm and safety during water activities. The NRS CFD Dog Life Jacket is the ideal choice for all dog owners looking for a reliable and safe swimming vest for their pet.

One of the main benefits of the NRS CFD Dog vest is itsresistance to wear and damage. Thanks to the use of ripstop nylon, the vest is tear and rip resistant, which extends its life and provides long-term protection for your dog.

When choosing a swimming vest for a dog, it is also important to consider the comfort of the animal.The NRS CFD Dog Vest is designed to conform to your dog's body shape and provided him with maximum wearing comfort. The anatomical shape of the vest and the possibility of easy adjustment of the straps ensure that the vest will fit your dog perfectly and not restrict his movement.

NRS CFD Dog Life Jacket is also designedwith regard to ease of handling and use. In addition, the vest is equipped with a practical D-ring that allows you to attach a leash or other accessories for easier handling of the dog.

Water activities can also be challenging for animals, so it is important that they are well protected. The NRS CFD Dog Vest provides optimal protection and support for dogs while swimming, increasing their safety and improving their performance in the water. In addition, thanks to the reflective elements and the vest's signal colour, your dog remains visible even in the event of a sudden deterioration in weather conditions.


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