Ostatní příslušenství k lodím

Doplňkové vybavení lodí a náhradní díly.

Příslušenství a doplňkové vybavení ke kajakům, kánoím, paddleboardům. Bezpečnostní doplňky a doplňky na seakajaky.


IR Sack of DaSpare Breakdown paddlebag

for order
IR Sack of DaSpare Breakdown Paddlebag
CZK 1,012 exw. VAT

EG K-ring

available at the store
Kayak-shaped paddling keychain
blue , green , red  +2 další
CZK 115 exw. VAT

EG SeaK-ring

available at the store
Seakayak shaped key ring
blue , green , red  +2 další
CZK 115 exw. VAT

Elements C-ring

available at the store
Canoe/canoe-shaped key ring
blue , green , red  +2 další
CZK 115 exw. VAT

Palm Cobra Sling

for order
 Super strong rescue strap 4m (sling) from Palm Rescue.
CZK 537 exw. VAT

Aquatone 5´ side fin

available at the store
Aquatone 5" small-sided fin suitable for MIST Compact SUP.
CZK 275
CZK 193 exw. VAT

Aquatone SUP coil leash

upon inquiry
Leash Aquatone SUP Coil is designed with a fresh look to perfectly match your paddleboard.
CZK 350
CZK 246 exw. VAT

Dagger side rests

available at the store
Dagger kayak side rests with seating Action!
CZK 1,505
CZK 1,119 exw. VAT

Eckla Lowstand 55cm

available at the store
Eckla Lowstand 55cm - Small, lightweight, foldable and stainless steel boat stand, it is also ideal for boat repairs and…
CZK 2,421 exw. VAT

NoName collar cover

available at the store
Neoprene cover to cover the kayak collar during transport or storage. 
CZK 731 exw. VAT

NRS SUP board fin fin

available at the store
Fina for NRS and other paddleboards
od CZK 388 exw. VAT

NRS Vigilante Cable Lock

available at the store
Steel cable with lock for securing your equipment.
CZK 566 exw. VAT

Playboater Cockpit cover

available at the store
Collar cover from Playboater.
CZK 1,380 exw. VAT

Playboater Rackguard

available at the store
Secure your kayak against theft!
CZK 567 exw. VAT

Deck Pod

for order
Handheld waterproof chamber for Venture (Flex, Islay and Easky) and Pyranha (Fusion) kayaks
CZK 1,161 exw. VAT

Samba foam seat

for order
Foam removable seat for Samba canoes.
CZK 640 exw. VAT

EG 11 SUP leash

available at the store
Safety leash EG 11 SUP for all types of paddleboards.
CZK 492 exw. VAT

EG Paddle leash

available at the store
The EG paddle leash is a safety paddle leash for kayakers and hikers.
CZK 236 exw. VAT

Elements Swim buoy

available at the store
The Elements Swim Buoy serves as a highly visible point on the surface when swimming in open water and also as a dry…
CZK 537 exw. VAT

GA ZIPPER lubricant 60ml

available at the store
McNett ZIP CARE - Fluid for the treatment of all types of zippers.
CZK 174 exw. VAT

HIKO Air4 small repair kit

available at the store
A hole in the dryer won't stop you. With this repair kit, you can do it yourself, quickly and easily. All you need is an iron and…
inferno , stealth , the Harm
CZK 157 exw. VAT

Hiko Paddle Float Foam

available at the store
Paddle float foam, Hiko Paddle float foam.
CZK 736 exw. VAT

Lettmann hip pads

available at the store
Side rests for Lettmann boats.
CZK 930 exw. VAT

Palm Deluxe Backrest

available at the store
Foam seat on the SOT.
CZK 1,569 exw. VAT

Palm Hydration Bag

available at the store
High quality TPU hydration bag that holds 1.5 litres of liquid. 
CZK 579
CZK 440 exw. VAT


available at the store
Made with a unique, extra strong Ring system that makes the thrower durable and easy to attach. This throw has a simple…
CZK 1,686 exw. VAT


available at the store
The Peak Uk Guide belt is ideal for coaches, guides and instructors who want to keep their throwing bag handy. The throw rope…
turquoise blue
CZK 1,227 exw. VAT
Doprava zdarma po ČR

Prijon rudder seakayak

available at the store
Rudder for sea kayaks Prijon
CZK 3,678 exw. VAT

Seabird Safety Pack

available at the store
Rescue set, includes paddle leash, pump, drybag 5L and 10L.
CZK 1,521 exw. VAT

Sweet Protection Rocker Visor

available at the store
Replacement shield for Sweet Protection Rocker helmet.
dirt black , gloss white
CZK 413 exw. VAT
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