Paddleboard Aztron Neo Nova 9'0″ + gift boat bag EG Expedition 2.0 - 20L


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New model of the popular folding paddleboardNEO NOVA COMPACT. Traveling with a paddleboard is now easier than ever! This compact paddleboard boasts its smart folding concept and the characteristic AZTRON dual-chamber construction, making it superbly portable and safe.

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Colour: modrá
Producer: Aztron
SUP shape: Allround
SUP rider weight: up to 75 kg
SUP seat: NO
SUP displacement: 190 L
kategorie: Paddleboards
Product code: 6971559583112
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Paddleboard Aztron Neo Nova 9'0″ + gift boat bag EG Expedition 2.0 - 20L

New model of the popular folding paddleboardNEO NOVA COMPACT. Traveling with a paddleboard is now easier than ever! This compact paddleboard boasts its smart folding concept and the characteristic AZTRON dual-chamber construction, making it superbly portable and safe.

All AZTRON paddleboards are equipped with custom dual high pressure valves designed exclusively for AZTRON dual chamber paddleboards. With a smaller diameter, the valve helps prevent damage caused by over-inflation.

The perfectly safe design of the Aztron Double Chamber is a unique Aztron technology that is used on all Aztron inflatable paddleboards. The additional inflatable chamber adds up to 60 litres of safety margin to the Aztron paddleboard, effectively ensuring rider safety in any situation. The internal inflatable chamber with extra air pillars is located under the standing area and adds up to 30% more rigidity to the paddleboard. Thanks to the Double Chamber technology, you will feel like you are riding a solid paddleboard even on an inflatable paddleboard;

The NEO Nova paddleboard boasts up to half the size when folded compared to traditional inflatable paddleboards. The NEO Nova Compact is lightweight, portable and easy to take on the go. It will take up much less space in your car on the road, which you'll appreciate when going on holiday.

The AZTRON NEO Nova paddleboards feature a 5-inch dual fin system with a durable construction that will ensure your paddleboard stays on course.

In the package you will find everything you need to get out on the water - a three-piece paddle, fins, high-pressure double-action pump with pressure gauge and the necessary leash (safety rope). You can carry all this, including the folded paddleboard, in a sturdy backpack with a full-length zipper and comfortable shoulder straps. Just throw the backpack on your back and nothing will stop you from going on your adventure.

- paddleboard dimensions: 274 x 71 cm
- paddleboard thickness: 12 cm
- volume: 190 l
- maximum load capacity: 90 kg
- recommended rider weight: 65 Kg
- paddleboard weight: 7 kg
- versatile and stable paddleboard
- lightweight, easily portable, yet very durable
- double chamber construction for greater strength and maximum safety
- compact paddleboard size
- smart folding reduces the resulting paddleboard size to half the size of other folded paddleboards
- excellent stability
- holds the direction perfectly
- good manoeuvrability
- large anti-slip surface
- elastic bungee cords for securing light loads
- stainless steel D-ring for attaching the safety cable
- removable fins - easy to install, just slip them on
- Double-fin system
- handle for easy carrying

- two-layer PVC, non-slip EVA footbed


- 1x three-piece paddle
- 1x safety leash
- 1x high-pressure double-acting pump with pressure gauge
- 1x practical backpack for carrying
- 2x 5 inch fins

+ gift boat bag EG CARRY 25L



Design paddleboard ATRON NEO NOVA 9'0″ (274cm)

The Aztron NEO Nova comes with a relatively simple but sporty design. The board is blue with white and  yellow printing. A modern and cool colour scheme that will appeal especially to children.

The classic brand name and model designation Aztron NEO Nova can also be found on the dashboard. Accessories are also in matching yellow and grey tones.

Areas of application and driving characteristics

As an all-round board, the Aztron NEO Nova is particularly suitable for relaxed rides on lakes, canals and slow-moving rivers as well as on coastal waters with smaller waves.

The slightly curved tip shape improves the paddleboard's maneuverability and makes it easier to glide through smaller waves. Although it doesn't allow you to reach the same speed as a touring or racing board, the NEO Nova is ideal for relaxed paddling.

Paddleboard payload

The Aztron NEO Nova is 12 cm thick, so it has a high volume and is very robust. The increased capacity also improves the rigidity and thus the stable position on the water.
The load capacity also increases with increasing volume. According to the manufacturer, it is 90 kg. Our recommended load is about 65 kg, so as not to risk loss of rideability.

The two air chambers are inflated one after the other to 15 PSI, which corresponds to about 1 bar. First the inner and smaller chamber is inflated. On other boards this air chamber is slightly larger and the paddleboard is therefore stiffer, on the Nova the chamber is slightly smaller and therefore not completely rigid. But even so the stability on the board is uncompromising.

Description of paddleboard functions

  • D-ringsthe Aztron NEO Nova has 4 opposing D-rings on the front of the paddleboard where elastic bundgee cords are attached to attach accessories on the paddleboard deck. Another D-ring is attached on the back where the leash can be easily attached to the board.
  • Luggage and accessory holder on board :The NEO Nova comes with elastic bungee cords to secure luggage and accessories, which you must install yourself after initial inflation. The bungee cord is pulled through the D-rings under the toe and secured.
  • Handle :The handle is slightly offset from the center axis on the pad. This is due to the axis of bending along the board where the grip would interfere. At the same time, the PADDLEBOARD is easier to carry, so depending on the size of the arm, it is easy to reach the handle.
  • Deckpad :Deckpad - the EVA anti-slip deckpad extends from the stern across two-thirds of the deck, which ensures good grip on the board even in wet conditions. The deckpad is also split in the middle so that the board can be folded crosswise and then rolled up.

Description of accessories

  • Aztron Nova backpack: backpack It is small and compact to carry, yet offers plenty of space for a paddleboard including accessories. With a volume of 68 litres and only 10 kg when loaded, even children can easily carry it. The dimensions of 57 cm height, 38 cm width and 43 cm depth speak for it. The backpack has no padding or comfort worth mentioning, which is not essential considering the weight. However, there are numerous straps for attaching additional equipment and two side pockets that offer additional space for luggage. There is also a luggage cord in the backpack, which can be used to securely fasten the rolled up paddleboard and store it and its accessories in the backpack.
  • Aztron NEO Nova double-action pump: Also included is a two-stroke air pump. The double stroke function can be activated via the lid slit. Air is pumped into the paddleboard both when pushing and pulling the pump. The double stroke mode reduces the effort of pumping while increasing the air flow. This allows the board to be inflated much faster. The pump has two ports for filling and deflating the air. There is also a pressure gauge on the pump to read the air pressure.
  • Aztron Nova fins:the Nova includes two side fins measuring 5 inches in size, or 12.5 cm in height. These are mounted to the underside of the board using a retractable fin system where the fins simply slide into the board. The fins have a special shape and provide good directional stability despite the missing centre fin. This is a perfectly acceptable option, especially for beginners, with which you can comfortably complete even the first longer tours without the missing centre fin.
  • Aluminum paddle Aztron Neo Nova: The paddle can be disassembled into four parts for transport and thus fits perfectly into a small backpack. It is a basic paddle and is made of aluminium and nylon. The many plug-in connections lead to a slight loss of energy when paddling. The paddle is lighter than other aluminium paddles, however, and can also be adjusted in height up to 190 cm. It is also designed for children and smaller adults.
  • Leash Aztron Nova: Leash Nova (safety line) is a high quality spiral leash with a length of 240 cm. The spiral shaped line has the advantage that it does not hang in the water or get caught when paddling. The leash is attached to the ankle or calf with a padded cuff and attached to the D-ring on the back of the paddleboard with a loop.
  • Aztron Nova valve cap:The valve cap is used for paddleboard maintenance. The valve should be tightened about a quarter turn each season for long-term use.


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