Sweet Protection Wanderer II 2024

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The updated Wanderer II 2024 paddling helmet is a modern successor to the popular 2008 model. This helmet offers everything paddlers need for their adventures on the river - reliability, durability and versatility.


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Sweet Protection Wanderer II 2024

Sweet Protection Wanderer II 2024 - Waterproof helmet

Sweet Protection Wanderer II 2024, the modern successor to the popular 2008 model. This helmet offers everything paddlers need for their adventures on the river - reliability, durability and versatility.

The model is available in the following sizes:
S/M (53-56cm)
M/L (56-59cm)
L/XL (59-61)

The Wanderer II helmet stands out thanks to its innovative technology and premium materials,to ensure maximum safety and comfort when going down wild waters. One of the key features is the adjustable Occigrip system, which ensures a comfortable and secure fit on the top of the head - the basis of a proper helmet fit. The Occigrip is simple and functional, which enhances wearing comfort.

The helmet also has the advantage of direct ventilationthat keeps your head cool in any conditions. The number of openings and the ventilation power can be varied according to current conditions. The lightness and comfort of the helmet makes it suitable for paddlers of all experience levels, whether they are beginners or experienced paddlers.

Sweet Protection Wanderer II 2024 comes with self-adhesive pads thatallow individual adjustment for perfect comfort. The package also includes a practical helmet cover, making it easy to carry and store.

CE certification EN 1385 class I-IV confirms that the helmet meets the highest safety standards and is suitable for a wide range of paddling activities.


Sweet Protection Wanderer II 2024 is an excellent choice for everyonewho is looking for a reliable, durable and comfortable paddling helmet. With a combination of modern technology, materials and user experience, this helmet is the ideal solution for safe and comfortable whitewater paddling. Its versatility and features make it suitable for paddlers of all experience levels.

In addition to the above features, the Wanderer II 2024 helmet has the following design features to ensure its high quality and durability:

  1. ABS Thermoplastic Shella: Special type of durable ABS shell which is coated and reinforced. This construction guarantees high strength and impact resistance of the helmet.
  2. EPP Shock Absorbing Linera: The inner liner of engineered polypropylene (EPP) forms a durable absorption layer in case of impact, increasing head protection in falls or collisions.
  3. Washable Coolmax Liner: Cover made of hypoallergenic material that perfectly wicks away moisture and guarantees comfort in a wide range of temperatures. The liner is detachable and easy to clean, allowing you to keep the helmet clean and hygienic.

Sweet Protection Wanderer II 2024 offers great value for money. Due to its excellent features and wide range of use on different water terrains, this helmet is a great investment for any paddler.

Customerswho have already purchased this helmet,appreciate her comfort, lightness and easy adjustment. Thanks to the high quality materials and workmanship of the helmetoffers a long service lifewhich will be appreciated by anyone looking for durable and reliable boating equipment.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning thatSweet Protection is a renowned manufacturer of sports equipmentwhich boasts many years of experience and customer satisfaction. The company's emphasis on innovation and product quality is evident in the Wanderer II 2024.


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