WE paddle float


an important safety aid for seakayaks

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Producer: Water Element
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WE paddle float

  • inflatable float for seakayak paddle
  • easy to put on


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NoName Paddle Bags

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A luxury item for kayakers when it's really cold...
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Hiko paddle carabiner

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Carabiner with large entry hole, allows to hook the paddle shaft.
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Hiko Pharmacy BIG

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Large pharmacy in waterproof packaging.
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Palm Zambezi

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Professional life belt with 3m long floating rope in a Cordura bag.
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Palm paddle bag 2m

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Padded case for transporting and storing up to 4 paddles.
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Palm Autolock carabiner

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HMS self-locking carabiner suitable for securing.
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dragon paddle cover Panda

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Aquarius Gopadle K2

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Palm Fox

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Plastic whistle.
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HF Strap

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simple strap to carry the thrower - HF Strap
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WRSI ear pads

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Hearing protectors compatible with WRSI Current, Current Pro and Current Rescue models
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Palm Emergency Bivvy bag

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A simple large bivvy bag that can be used for overnight stays or for emergency shelter.
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Werner logo WW Paddle bag

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An essential helper for fragile carbon and fibreglass paddles - the Werner WW paddle bag.
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Lifesystems Thermal bag

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Thermal bag.
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°hf Paddle bag 130

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New °hf cover for split paddles up to 130 cm.
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°hf Paddle bag 200

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New cover °hf for up to 3 paddles up to 205 cm.
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Seabird Safety Pack

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Rescue set, includes paddle leash, pump, drybag 5L and 10L.
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Peak UK Mitts bags

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Neoprene hand bags Peak UK Mitts.
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The Peak Uk Guide belt is ideal for coaches, guides and instructors who want to keep their throwing bag handy. The throw rope…
turquoise blue
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