WE paddle float


an important safety aid for seakayaks

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Producer: Water Element
kategorie: Ostatní záchranné pomůcky
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WE paddle float

  • inflatable float for seakayak paddle
  • easy to put on


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Hiko Hopscotch

available at the store
Rescue line made of flexible 8 mm thick rope in hollow webbing.
CZK 380 exw. VAT

Palm Wire Carabiner

available at the store
Paddle carabiner.
CZK 419
CZK 319 exw. VAT

Palm Paddlefloat

available at the store
Inflatable bag for seakayak paddle.
CZK 1,050
CZK 798 exw. VAT

Palm paddle bag 2m

available at the store
Padded case for transporting and storing up to 4 paddles.
CZK 2,700
CZK 2,053 exw. VAT

dragon paddle cover Panda

for order
The cover is made of a very durable polyamide fabric with a PVC coating that protects the dragon paddle against damage…
CZK 508 exw. VAT

Palm paddle bag 2.3m

available at the store
Padded case for transport and storage of up to 4 paddles up to 230 cm in length
CZK 2,850
CZK 2,167 exw. VAT

HIKO belt to the buoyancy vest

available at the store
The belt to the life jacket.
CZK 298 exw. VAT

NRS hopscotch

available at the store
Fixed hook and loop + carabiner and O-ring
od CZK 1,116 exw. VAT

Hiko Outflow

available at the store
Highly efficient water suction pump.
CZK 446 exw. VAT

Lifesystems Waterproof First Aid Kit

available at the store
Special first aid kit for water sports!
CZK 810 exw. VAT

Lifesystems Explorer First Aid Kit

available at the store
A small pharmacy with minimal weight for all outdoor activities - even water sports.
CZK 810 exw. VAT

TNP PC1.0 paddle cover

available at the store
Cover for two-piece kayak paddle.
CZK 860 exw. VAT

Palm Prusik Minding pulley

available at the store
A pulley for a prusik for systematic rescue.
CZK 1,009
CZK 767 exw. VAT

°hf Paddle bag 200

available at the store
New cover °hf for up to 3 paddles up to 205 cm.
CZK 1,550 exw. VAT

Hiko Leash Flexi plus

available at the store
Hiko Leash Flexi+ safety line, which will not float any more paddles.
CZK 281 exw. VAT

NRS Sliq screw carbine

available at the store
NRS Sliq smaller screw-in carabiner.
black , blue , red
CZK 305 exw. VAT

NRS Nuq screw carbine

available at the store
The larger NRS Nuq screw-in carabiner is also suitable for professionals.
black , red , blue
CZK 364 exw. VAT

Seabird Safety Pack

available at the store
Rescue set, includes paddle leash, pump, drybag, paddlefloat.
CZK 1,521 exw. VAT

Peak Uk Rescue tape

available at the store
Narrower and more compact Peak Uk Rescue rescue strap.
CZK 463 exw. VAT

Hiko Paddle Float Foam

available at the store
Paddle float foam, Hiko Paddle float foam.
CZK 736 exw. VAT


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