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The Werner Pack-Tour M is an uncompromising ultra-lightweight paddle for packrafters


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Variants: 210 - 225 cm
Producer: Werner
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The Pack-Tour M is born out of the versatile needs of packraft paddlers. Our 4-piece system easily unfolds to store when your packraft is launched and your trip gets you back on your feet. The adjustable mast system that you, as a packrafter, require allows for length changes on the go for the different conditions you will face on the trail. The design and construction are lightweight, yet durable and ready to be tested along with the will to keep moving forward. Our meticulous, handcrafted construction is made famous by our production team in Monroe, WA and gives you confidence as you dig deeper into your mission. The Pack-Tour M is designed for those who want to paddle open water and flowing streams and rivers. While it is durable enough for its intended use, it is not a whitewater paddle.


the 4-piece split mast works with hand-fitted couplings with both sheets heads held firmly in place by stainless steel buttons. This system has been proven over decades, is easy to use and fits precisely.
Our aerodynamic fixed-length adjustable mast changes paddle length from (200 cm or 215 cm) OR (210 cm or 225 cm) with a simple, tight-fitting push-button system. Adjusts 2 specific lengths for open water or a smaller length for moving water rivers and streams.
Premium Performance gives you the right combination of light weight, stiffness and durability. Fiberglass blades and a carbon core keep weight to a minimum, because weight is a priority when calculating the total weight of the material.
Dihedral allows for smooth and stable forward paddling, which is a basic philosophy for Werner paddles.
Medium-sized high-angle blades are suitable for the widest range of paddlers
Custom molded, low-profile, reinforced core provides stiffness and overall strength.
Designed for superior impact resistance to suit both open water and paddling in motion. 
Always wash the pieces of your Pack-Tour M with water before reassembling. Dirt and debris from a previous sailing or camping trip can damage its precise fit. If the pieces seem difficult to assemble, repeat the washing. Do not use lubricants.
Sizes of pieces for the 210 cm to 225 cm variant. Blade A (left): 61 cm= 24,01" Blade B (right): 80 cm= 31,5" Leaves: 53 cm= 20,8".


Žerď - Rovná
Pieces: 4 pieces
Weight in grams: 978 g.
Weight in ounces: 34.5 oz.
Length range: 200-215 cm and 210-225 cm
Angle: adjustable 
Sheet area: 615 cm2
Sheet length x width: 46 cm x 18,5 cm
Advanced Design and Advanced Fit



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available at the store
The Werner Pack-Tour M is an uncompromising ultra-lightweight paddle for packrafters
CZK 10,326 exw. VAT


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